Google Sites? Sorry, too late

We are quite a few who have waited for the launch of the Jotspot wiki since Google acquired the company over a year ago. Today Google released its Google Sites, a googlified version of Jotspot through its Google Apps. After playing with it some hours, I must admit I am overwhelmingly dissapointed. At first I thought there was something I had missed, some hidden feature yet to be discovered. But the truht is Google Sites doesn`t bring anything to the collaboration tool-table that others haven`t done before and better.

It`s acctually worse, because it brings less. Google Sites is a boring, slow vanilla wiki with static design features and no new collaboration features other than those that already excist in Google Groups, Google Docs, Gmail og Calendar. OK, so it`s free. But that doesn`t help me as long as it doesn`t do the job.

During the long wait for Jotspot I have been collaborating through CentralDesktop and Google Groups. There are loads of other equally good tools out there. Google Sites is just one of many not so good ones.

What on earth have they been doing at Google headquaters for the last year. Sleeping? It`s competitors have been developing ever new features, refining web based collaborating tools with new technologies and better usability. Google Sites suck. Quite simple.

And that`s no easy thing to say for me, I use Google in all aspects of my professional and personal life. I still truely belive that Google over time has proven itself as one of the most innovative companies on the globe. Just not this time.

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