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id-blog.pngI’ve chosen Intensedebate as tool for managing the comments of the blog. For some time now I’ve been contemplating on how to make the comments of my blog more visible and manageable. I’d like to find an easy way to highlight good comments and commentators. My blog posts are only part of the blogs content – the readers comments are just as important – and it should show when you visit the blog.

I believe the community around this blog should be able to vote for both good comments and blogposts. The latter will have to wait, but logged in users will now have the opportunity to give love to good comments and commentators. And not so much to crappy comments (not found yet on this blog). If you’re not interested in logging in, that’s ok too – you can still comment, but not vote among comments and commentators 🙂

I felt it was time to encourage readers and commentators to operate with their real identity, not anonymous nicks. Anyone can still comment anonymously, but you’ll get more features awaileble and more influence on the blog content if you identify yourself and log in.  But it’s still your choice.

So far the choice for me was either Intensedebate or disqus. I actually fell for Intensedebate’s easy import/export functions, wich allow me to still own the comments of the blog. So if I, for any reason, should want to stop using Intensedebate and move to some other comment managing tool, I can easy export and transfer all comments back to my blog database.

Time will show if this was a lucky choice or not. If not, I can always go back. Comming days I’ll try to implement some new features that highlights the good comments and commentators even more.

How do you feel about this?

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  1. Thanks for giving IntenseDebate a try and thanks for the great post! Please let me know if you have any questions – support@intensedebate.com

    Kind regards,

  2. Genialt! Dette må jeg sjekke nærmere.

  3. Nuh, Hjorthen har i alle fall fått min stemme. Sånn i anledningen, liksom

  4. Men kommentarene kommer ikke opp i margen under siste kommentarer ser det ut til, det er vel ikke så rart, men lar seg vel fikse på et eller annet finurlig vis?

  5. Michael Koenig

    Thanks for giving IntenseDebate a try and thanks for the great post! Please let me know if you have any questions – support@intensedebate.com Kind regards, Michael IntenseDebate

  6. Nei, kommentarene dirigeres via ID, så jeg må hente kode derfra og lime inn i mine sidebars. Det er flere ulike funksjonaliteter klare, såvel som siste kommentarer, topp kommentatorer, mest kommenterte poster, mest kommenterende lesere osv.

  7. Thanks Micheal. I'm sure I'll have some questions and ideas along the way.

  8. Jill Walker Rettberg

    Må teste – dette ser ut som et spennende system. Men jeg har balt litt nå med å bruke OpenID for å logge inn. Hver gang jeg prøver å bruke Technorati-URLen min som OpenID hives jeg over til Technorati og så til IntenseDebate og så må jeg bale for å komme tilbake. Jeg finner vel ut av det.

  9. My vote will go to Disqus. I really love it and have implemented on my blog as well

  10. looks like you went back. i’m trying to ditch intensedebate, but I can’t get my comments back…yet

  11. looks like you went back. i'm trying to ditch intensedebate, but I can't get my comments back…yet

  12. I think most people are more comfortable commenting anonymously.

  13. I have been using Disqus recently and it seems to be working great. just makes life much easier on comment management. Now as your post mentions I have also heard good things about Intense debate but have never tried this, may be on my second website I am going try this one and compare..

  14. As a browser on the web, I have experienced intense debate as well as disqus, I found disqus much more easy and convenient to use compared to intense debate.. Just a personal opinion..

  15. Michael, I have tried intense debate too, but I am facing this common problem of loosing my past comments, do you think I have done something wrong..

  16. I have a couple of blogs that I manage. I'd like to be able to manage comments (e.g., approve or deny them) and reply to comments on the go. I was hoping that the WordPress iPhone app would allow this but it's actually pretty basic in its functionality. Does anyone know of an app that will allow for commenting and comment management via the iPhone?

  17. intense debate is new than disqus??

  18. intense debate is new than disqus??

  19. My comments are continously been deleted. What mistake I am doing,I just can't find out.

  20. According to me,disqus is the best site to comment. The response is worthwhile.

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