Twitter + WordPress = Prologue

The WordPress theme Prologue from the team at Automattic is brilliant and a taste of what the even more social development of WordPress can and will result in.

I recently discussed with Daiko how WordPress and Prologue could be used a plattform for an intranet. The main idea is making the intranet a social platform for the workers, with additional content and tools of course. But the dialog and the social focus should be the fundamental strategy behind any intranet or web based collaboration platform.


Well, Prologue is a theme that allows you to publish fast and easy, short or long articles to your collegues and with tags and all the other functions in WordPress in a Twitter-like enviroment. Why not use Twitter? Because WordPress allows you to hide your company dialog behind passwords or on installations behind firewalls. Moreover, it can be combined with any web based collaboration tool and thus form the basis of a powerful platform for any intranet.

Allen Stern at CenterNetworks calls it a “game changer“, and I agree. Mathew Ingram also underlines the potential power for project management that lies in the further development of Prologue and the idea behind it.

Combined with BuddyPress (site updated), WordPress is transforming from a powerful CMS to a social network platform. I’m hoping I soon will be involved in implementing an intranet built on these new, social ideas.

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